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        Pay is based on experience, but starts at $23.00

We are looking for an experienced fabricator that can also help out running our Waterjet Machines (no previous knowledge required).  If you are able to weld, straighten, repair, bend metal, and have interest in learning a new skill, please apply for this position!

G3 Machining Background

        G3 Machining is a small family owned machine shop specializing in repairs and low volume production.  Our shop has 18,000 sq ft of manufacturing space that has both heat and air conditioning.  As a small business we strive to be flexible with our employees as we take to heart work/life balance.


Job duties

• Repair fixtures by straigtening, bending, and welding on new parts.

• Fabricate parts per print designs.

• Responsible for the large waterjet machine.

• Ability to lift small drops of materials (magnets & suction tools to lift heavy objects)

• Checks parts visually and with the use of inspection tools to ensure parts meet specified quality standards.

• Basic knowledge of a windows computer to run the waterjet software (very simple software).

• Follow safe work habits and maintain cleanliness of the work area.

Required Qualifications: 

• Possesses good communication skills and is able to work in a team environment

• Ability to stand for prolonged periods of time

• High School Degree or GED

• Basic computer skills

Equal opportunity employer. This company considers candidates regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.